Mark Gevisser

Zuma goes down laughing— at us

Confronting his political death, he cares nought about anyone or the tainted legacy he has bequeathed South Africa

No respite for Africa’s transgender poster girl

From homophobic Malawi to the perils of Gugulethu, Aunty faces an uncertain future.

The nation also mourns the death of the Madiba era’s idealism

Nelson Mandela's memorial event deflated the illusion that we are the rainbow children of God.

Madiba: A symbol of the power of good

Nelson Mandela will be remembered as a symbol for wisdom, for the ability to change, and the power of reconciliation - an obituary by Mark Gevisser.

Ken Owen: SA’s Last Great White Editor

Former editor of the Sunday Times Ken Owen has died, a family member confirmed today. In 1996 author Mark Gevisser profiled the contentious news man.

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