Mary Kimani

Keeping the lights on in Africa

Expanding the supply of electricity is critical for Africa's continued economic growth and a major priority of the continent's development blueprint.

North Africa: A decade of progress for women’s rights

Women in Islamic North Africa have quietly and steadily overcome tradition and law to advance their rights.

Better health at the click of a button

Medical records and other health information can now be easily shared via cellhone and other modern technologies. Such information and communication technologies are an important way for Africa to address some of its most pressing challenges, writes Mary Kimani.

A bank in every African pocket?

With most formal banks inaccessible to many Africans, the service of cellphone banking is expanding to the poor on the continent. Mary Kimani examines how financial institutions are extending their services through the ubiquitous usage of cellphones in rural areas.

How to reduce maternal deaths in Africa

In 2002, the World Health Organisation warned that if nothing was done to improve access to maternal care in Africa, 2,5-million women would die before the end of the decade, and 49-million would be living with disabilities. While progress has been made since then, much remains to be done.

Activists work to curb violence against women in Africa

When Mrs Akinyi filed for divorce in Kenya after her husband tried to kill her, she had to borrow money to pay her legal fees. ''I have already spent KS35 000 [],'' Akinyi says. She tried to get legal aid, she says, but was told there were many cases that were more urgent than hers. ''

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