Mashupye Herbert Maserumule

Ramaphosa’s new Cabinet is a motley crew: What he’ll need to make it work

Is the new Cabinet fit for purpose - is it better equipped to do what needs to be done?

To lead South Africa, Ramaphosa must balance populism and pragmatism

​Maiden speeches are tricky. They only come once. The one delivered by the newly-elected president of the ANC required extraordinary ingenuity.

Why talk of unity in the ANC is disingenuous and dangerous

Are calls for unity in the ANC an attempt to prevent Cyril Ramaphosa from cleaning out the stables if he wins the presidency?

How the ANC blew a chance to regain SA’s trust

The ruling party appears to have lost claim to being a leader of society. This is clear from the outcome of its policy conference.

How Zuma blew the chance to steal a march on his opponents

Zuma has invoked the meaning of a rule set by the apartheid context he ferociously fought against, to justify his executive action in a democracy.

Sassa grants debacle: About political trickery, not separation of powers

Was the social grants fiasco orchestrated to undermine the judiciary and the Constitution and hide sheer incompetence on the part of government?

The ANC can only be salvaged by leadership of epic ethical proportions

The local government elections made 2016 a defining year in the history of the country’s electoral politics, writes Mashupye Herbert Maserumule.

Robert Sobukwe’s pan-Africanist dream: An elusive idea that refuses to die

For Africa to be for Africans, pan-Africanism should be a lived experience, not an ideological project for political rhetoric.

South Africa faces uneasy questions about the power of President Zuma

There are important points to reflect on when considering the implications of former public protector Thuli Madonsela’s report on Zuma’s fate.

Tumultuous times for South Africa as it enters the era of coalition politics

South Africa is in a tryst with tumultuous times as coalitions take shape to unlock hung municipalities following the 2016 local government elections.

Why Africa’s professors are afraid of colonial education being dismantled

African academics are steeped in European knowledge systems. There is a galaxy of African scholarship they can draw from – if they're brave enough.

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