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Mac, iPod sales boost Apple’s profits

Apple's fiscal fourth-quarter profits jumped 67% to cap a year that saw unprecedented momentum in its Macintosh computer business, continued demand for iPods and the successful launch of the iPhone. For the three months that ended September 30, Apple said on Monday it earned -million, or ,01 per share.

Touch Apple’s iPhone for a taste of the future

Get your fingers ready. Apple's iPhone, which launches on June 29, is leading a new wave of gadgets using touch-sensitive screens that react to taps, swishes or flicks of a finger. The improvements promise to be slicker and more intuitive than the rough stomp of finger presses and stylus-pointing required by many of today's devices.

Apple web browser now on a PC near you

Apple launched a version of its Safari web browser for Windows-based PCs on Monday, pitting it against Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. The free program is the latest move by Apple to expand its reach beyond its Macintosh computer while attracting converts to its products.

Apple’s iTunes still does not like Vista

An update to Apple's iTunes music software still has not resolved some of the compatibility problems with Microsoft's new operating system. The latest version, iTunes 7.1, comes a month after the iPod and Macintosh computer maker warned PC users against installing Windows Vista until Apple could fix the problems.

Apple warns iTunes users to wait on Vista until fix

Apple is urging some iPod and iTunes users to hold off on upgrading their computers to Windows Vista, warning that the iTunes software may not work well with the new operating system from Microsoft. Apple said iTunes may work with many Vista computers, but the company knows of some compatibility problems.

Showbiz in the spotlight at huge electronics show

Entertainment is going extreme as content providers, distributors and electronics makers race to keep pace in a world in which digital media becomes accessible anytime, anywhere. The frenzy will be more evident than ever next week in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

How loud does your iPod go?

Apparently, Apple Computer is listening. In a world where hearing problems are real and lawyers are looking to make gadget providers liable, Apple issued a software update on Wednesday for its recent iPod models -- the nano and the video-capable iPod -- allowing users to set how loud their digital music players can go.

Gates says Google is in ‘honeymoon period’

Rival Google may be nipping at its heels, but Microsoft wasn't flashing any defeatist signs as it showcased its latest plans to help make living in the digital world safer, easier and more fun. ''Consumers are getting more and more connected, and software is at the centre of that,'' Gates said on Wednesday.

Jobs unveils no-frills Mac and new iPod

Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled a very small computer on Tuesday and a flash memory-based music player called the iPod Shuffle. The new products seek to make inroads against the traditionally more affordable PC market and against lower-cost competitors to Apple's wildly popular iPod.

Sharp introduces 3D computer screen

Hoping to spur a 3D revolution, Sharp Systems in the United States introduced a new flat-panel computer monitor on Monday that is designed to deliver eye-popping images without the need for special glasses. Though a handful of lesser-known companies have produced stand-alone 3D displays for the medical and scientific industries, Sharp's new 38cm LCD 3D display is the first to also target consumers, analysts say.

Apple earnings skyrocket

Huge demand for its iPod portable digital music players helped Apple Computer triple its second-quarter earnings and easily beat Wall Street expectations. The company reported record sales of 807 000 iPods for the quarter, up more than 900% from the prior year.

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