Maya Fisher French

Fourteen road offences you could get fined for

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) has put together a list of some of the most unknown fines in the book.

Buy a car or pay off the bond?

Should you invest your savings in buying a new car or do you need to pay off your bond first?

More taxing times ahead

The government's goal to raise personal tax collection appears to be aggressive given the depressed economic climate.

Offshore comes nearer to home for JSE

The treasury has taken ­further steps to break the barriers of exchange controls and make investing offshore less painful.

OK for remitters to set up shop

Cost of cumbersome regulation may eat into efficiencies gained from independent operation.

Not enough savings? Don’t panic just yet

Paying off your debts does not mean you don't have to save.

Lessons on investing from John Mauldin

What should one look at when making investment decisions?

Shares which buck market misery

Investors remain wary of the equity market but some shares are benefiting from the global turmoil.

Is life stage modelling a good pension fund option?

What is the best pension fund option to get?

Can foreigners apply for loans?

With which banks can foreigners apply for loans in South Africa, and what are the requirements?

Why the markets are so volatile

The rout in global financial markets is continuing, marked by extreme swings of up to 5% in some markets. There are a couple of reasons why.

Retrenchment benefits increase

Those facing retrenchment or retirement can look forward to better tax breaks from this year.

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