Maya Fisher French

If you’ve got a job, be happy

But South Africa's economic prospects are looking rosy, with Africa presenting many opportunities.

Short-term gains offer no guarantees

In the longer term, nothing beats stock picking, sector rotation and timing, experts advise.

The re-emergence of big brands

With the developed world imploding, it would make sense for investors to align their portfolios to benefit from the emerging-markets growth story.

Fix your home loan at 9%?

Homeowners with mortgages can take up offers not seen in the market for a long time.

SA jumps at global opportunities

The unresolved European financial crisis may have markets reeling but it is creating an opportunity for South African investment managers.

Money goes mobile — and global

Cross-border transactions and cellphone-enabled cash transfers are set to simplify banking in South Africa.

Cash-course in good driving

Thanks to real-time monitoring, you are rewarded for your behaviour on the road.

Chip and PIN not as safe as you think

Many bank customers' cards are being used fraudulently despite the safety of a PIN and banks argue the customer must have compromised the PIN.

EasyPay fights back after fraud

An estimated 180 000 EasyPay customers will receive rewards on all their transactions as part of the company's strategy to restore credibility.

Are guaranteed funds meant for 30-year-olds?

Smooth bonus guarantee funds are probably not the right choice if you understand equity markets.

Ten ways to avoid financial disaster this festive season

The festive season always bears heavy on our pockets, so why not plan effectively for a change?

Medical aid costs unravelled

Selecting a medical scheme with the right cover at the right price is a minefield.

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