Megan Davies

UN membership seen shortly after South Sudan splits

South Sudan could become a UN member quickly after seceding from the north, under a timetable given by the UN Security Council's president.

Skype’s owners set to make $5-billion

Skype's owners, led by private equity firm Silver Lake, are set to earn more than three times their investment on the sale of Skype to Microsoft.

US govt stake in Citi may rise to 40%

Citigroup is in talks that could result in the United States government increasing its stake in what was the country's most valuable bank.

Yahoo! set to rebuff Microsoft bid as too low

Yahoo! is set to reject Microsoft's unsolicited bid, now worth -billion, as too low, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters on Saturday -- the first clear signal the board might be prepared to negotiate and sell the internet media giant. The Wall Street Journal had quoted an unnamed source as saying Microsoft's offer of per share was an attempt to ''steal'' the company.

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