Jennifer Saba

Execution of US journalist reveals game change in war coverage

Despite over 1 000 war reporters being killed since 1992, news organisations are still sending journalists into war zones and other dangerous areas.

Amazon founder Bezos buys the Washington Post

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's offer of $250-million to buy the Washington Post newspaper has been accepted by the Graham family.

New York Times sells Boston Globe to Red Sox owner

The New York Times Corporation has agreed to sell the Boston Globe to the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team for $70-million in cash.

Small publications sweep up Pulitzer Prizes

Newcomers and smaller publications have surpassed big-name media organisations this year as winners of the coveted Pulitzer Prize.

Could Murdoch deputy take the fall?

Attention is now turning to Les Hinton, who headed up News International and now runs the New York-based Dow Jones.

Skype’s owners set to make $5-billion

Skype's owners, led by private equity firm Silver Lake, are set to earn more than three times their investment on the sale of Skype to Microsoft.

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