Mia Shanley

Nobel prize for discovery of brain’s internal GPS

The discovery solves the problem of how the brain creates a map of the space surrounding us and how we navigate our way through a complex environment.

Twin blasts hit Sweden

In what Sweden's government is calling a terrorist attack, a man was killed in a blast with threats referencing controversial cartoons and Afghanistan.

Americans, British-Cypriot win 2010 economics Nobel

A British-Cypriot and two Americans won the 2010 economics Nobel on Monday for work helping explain unemployment and job markets.

Test-tube baby pioneer wins Nobel prize

British physiologist Robert Edwards, whose work led to the first "test-tube baby", has won the 2010 Nobel prize for medicine.

WikiLeaks builds a legal shield in Sweden

Two young Swedes hammer away at computers in a space that is part garage, part college dorm, littered with cables and Coke cans.

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