Mia Swart

Internet shutdowns violate human rights

Social media has changed the way wars are fought and oppression is resisted, resulting in governments disrupting connectivity

Drawing a line in the sand on racism

The Clifton fourth beach debacle shows up many of our moral ambiguities

The world ignores Yemen’s humanitarian crisis

The state is using famine as a weapon of war but SA abstained in a UN human rights resolution

Bird Island child abuse: The truth will set us free

Apartheid’s ministers must account for their crimes and we too need to confront them

Gaza bleeds while Israel celebrates

The bitter conflict highlights the shame of the world after 70 years of Palestinian suffering

Palestinian teenager’s chutzpah shames Israeli military

Ahed Tamimi's arrest highlights the vulnerability of Palestinians

Editing Steve: The limits of free expression

'Over the years Steve Hofmeyr has reinvented himself from the poor man’s Brad Pitt to a singer to a political public commentator'

Yugoslavia tribunal left an invaluable legacy

The tribunal made a huge contribution to international criminal law, but whether it has brought lasting peace to the Balkans is not yet clear.

​Herero make new claim for genocide reparations against Germany

Namibians have brought a renewed lawsuit in the United States against Germany’s extermination policy.

Habré trial a victory for hearing crimes against humanity in Africa

The trial of the Chad dictator in Senegal shows that war and other similar crimes need not be heard in The Hague.

Campus security: Students are not the enemy

The securitisation of university campuses flies in the face of open debate and the freedom of expression.

A tribute to writer Mark Behr

Die Reuk van Appels changed a generation. Mia Swart pays tribute to the work of Behr, who died on November 27 from a heart attack at the age of 52.

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