Miles Keylock

Lost in frustration

Kendell Geers explores the distance between language and the self in his exhibition <i>Third World Disorder</i>.

Koloane’s city in motion

'If there is ever an African form of metropolitan modernity, then Johannesburg will have been its classical location."

Gazelle’s Chic Afrique

Adriaan Basson posed a few quick questions to Gazelle, the next best thing in Afrikaans dance music.

A feast of Easter treats

The Easter weekend promises to be a busy one for lovers of live music, with festivals offering diverse line-ups around the country.

A feast of aural easter treats

Whether you're staying in the city or heading for the hills, the Easter weekend offers music lovers a wide range of entertainment options. Compiled by Miles Keylock, Alex Sudheim and Daniel Friedman.

A quirky crew’s offbeat rhymes

<strong>CD of the week</strong>: The Constructus Corporation: The Ziggurat

Red for life

The Rage for Revolution concert is an opportunity for local musos to stand up and be counted, writes Miles Keylock.

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