Milisuthando Bongela

The strange places we misplace power

"The power we attribute to the people in whose name apartheid was made is perhaps too generous at times and too limited to the power to have things".

Mame-Diarra Niang’s vision for the invisible

Three reflections capture the change of artistic mode after visiting Senegalese-French artist Mame-Diarra Niang.

Feelings don’t get the respect they deserve

"Feelings are at the core of everything we do and yet we do not give them the intellectual, personal and public attention they deserve".

How do we live hopefully in a difficult world?

"Being human is not an event. It is a process of traversing a timeline where suffering is as much of a fact as laughter."

The politics of iintw’ezimnandi

"The fridge nje wasn’t an area you could casually visit as and when you pleased."

Uyadelela if you think you know South Africa

"I freeze. A few but many seconds pass and I tell Sam that I’m not comfortable searching her."

Please can we create as much as we consume

I wish we could trust our own ideas regarding the potential economic value of our arts, culture and entertainment industries

Exposing a culture’s wounds

It’s been fêted around the world, but Inxeba’s smashed stereotypes will cause a stir locally

Bread, chicken and the vulnerability of tough little children

Iimbali! is a space for stories and other narrative-based social analysis

Lest we forget: Grand histories are built on personal stories

"I found it very connective and de-isolating, soothing the pain I felt as a child"

Powerfully unpacking of conditions that led to June 16

'The story is narrated by people who were there and who relay the climate that led to the day we now know as June 16.'

A snapshot of our everydays

Iimbali! is a space for stories and other narrative-based social analysis

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