Mira Oberman

US jury clears police in shooting of Tamir Rice

The shooting of the 12-year-old-boy in 2014 was described as a "perfect storm of human error" by the prosecutor, Tim McGinty.

Texas police officer in pool party video resigns

An officer seen in a viral video throwing a bikini-clad girl to the ground and pulling a gun on other youths has resigned, says police chief.

Amanda Berry’s childhood friend: We thought she was dead

Ten years after watching Amanda Berry walk out of work for the last time, Darrell Ford stood transfixed behind a US police barricade.

Six killed in US Sikh temple shooting

A gunman opened fire at a Sikh temple in the northern US, triggering a shootout which left him and at least six others dead, local police said.

Republicans rally against ‘war on religious freedom’

Republicans are rallying against what they see as an insidious attack on Christians by Democrats in governmentbent on eroding 'moral values'.

Towns destroyed and dozens dead in US tornadoes

31 people have been killed and entire communities have been wiped out as a total of tornadoes have ripped through USA's heartland.

Residents wait for news of missing US tornado victims

Fear has given way to frustration in the shattered American town of Joplin as residents await official word on more than 200 loved ones missing.

Hundreds still missing after US tornado

Rescue teams have been desperately searching for nearly 1 500 people listed as missing since a tornado ripped through Joplin in the US.

Deadly tornado ravages Missouri

A massive tornado that cut a deadly swath through a Missouri town, turning homes into rubble, has reportedly killed at least 24 people.

Obama takes aim at Republicans

President Barack Obama accused his Republican foes of wanting to turn the United States into a "Third World" country on Thursday.

One year on, damage from BP oil spill lingers

The April 20 anniversary of the BP oil spill is a reminder of the high costs of our energy needs and the consequences of cutting corners on safety.

Obama’s ex-enforcer wins Chicago mayor crown

United States President Barack Obama's ex-enforcer Rahm Emanuel was crowned mayor of Chicago on Tuesday.

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