Miwa Suzuki
Guest Author
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/ 15 August 2007

Japan offers remorse on WWII surrender day

Japan offered remorse for past atrocities on the anniversary on Wednesday of its World War II surrender as top leaders steered clear of a shrine at the heart of friction with neighbouring countries. Sixty-two years after Japan capitulated in the deadliest conflict in history, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged that his country would not return to war.

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/ 2 August 2007

Powerful typhoon slams into Japan

A powerful typhoon slammed into southern Japan on Thursday, injuring three people, disrupting air and land traffic and cutting power to thousands of houses. Packing winds of up to 144km/h and bringing heavy rains, typhoon Usagi landed on the coast of Kyushu Island shortly before 6pm local time from the Pacific, the meteorological agency said.