Miyoung Kim

Phone makers stand to lose in Google-Motorola deal

Asian phone vendors relying on Google's Android operating system could increase their exposure to rival mobile platforms

Samsung counter sues Apple over iPhone, iPad

Samsung Electronics has filed patent lawsuits against Apple over the US firm's iPhone and iPad in a tit-for-tat case.

Chip prices jump as Japan disaster hits tech supplies

Prices for key technology components spiked as the toll on Japan's infrastructure mounted after Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Global supply chain rattled by Japan quake

Global companies faced disruptions to operations after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan destroyed vital infrastructure.

China says North Korea ties have survived ‘tempest’

China, pushed to bring North Korea to heel after last week's attack on the South, told Pyongyang their relationship had withstood "tempests".

North Korea responds to UN with nuclear threats

North Korea said on Saturday it would start a uranium enrichment programme and vowed to weaponise all of its plutonium.

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