Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe

Botswana CEO Mogae to exit the boardroom

Festus Mogae is to stand down as Botswana's president on Tuesday after a decade in which his country cemented its status as one of Africa's success stories despite fears it could be wiped out by HIV/Aids. Mogae, who hands over the reins of power to his long-time heir apparent Ian Khama, styled himself as the ''chief executive'' of a nation of about two million.

Botswana eyes spin-offs from Ladies’ Detective Agency

Its sleepy nature was an essential ingredient to the book, but tourist bosses are hoping a film version of <i>The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency</i> will provide a shot in the arm to Botswana's laidback capital. Oscar-winning director Anthony Minghella has brought a rare bustle to Gaborone since he and his crew arrived 10 weeks ago.

Will Botswana’s coal cure SADC’s energy cold?

Botswana, better known for its dazzling diamonds and abundant wildlife, is looking to draw in investors by showcasing its vast reserves of coal in a region facing a growing energy crisis. Delegates meet in the capital, Gaborone, this week for a government-organised conference designed to illustrate the sector's potential.

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