Mosibudi Ratlebjane

Seven years’ radio silence for taxpayer-funded Rhythm FM

Almost R50-million of taxpayers’ money has been invested but the station is yet to broadcast a single show

Rhythm FM is R52-million of dead air

A R6-million lawsuit is offering new insight into why the state-funded station has not yet broadcast

Tertiary education fund for ‘missing middle’ students

Private sector helps to address SA’s skills shortage

​Grandma knows that in this boy she has a girl — she taught me how to run a house

“She took me in after my parents separated, something which caused my mother’s mental illness which she lived with until she died in 2006.”

Boy genius puts his skills to work at rolling out pathology services to the people

A science graduate believes his company can play a key role in preventative healthcare.

Getting the vocabulary right: some transgender terminology

People often use incorrect terms when making reference to the LGBTI community and especially transgender individuals. Here are a few.

‘My body is a battleground’: How rural trans people struggle to live out their rights

The Mail & Guardian travelled to the North West and Eastern Cape to find out more about the hidden lives of trans people on the frontline.

Helping kids learn – with waste

Caregivers at ECD centres are being trained to create their own toys

Orphaned at 13, she has cared for her siblings her whole adult life

Edith Chikwana now sells goods on Jo’burg’s streets to feed and educate her brothers and sister.

‘I was alone underground, I’m still alone’

Pitsi Banana Elias recounts his near-death experience working in the mines and how it has left him isolated in more ways than one.

Gauteng cleans up acid mine water

A pricey but lasting solution to a poisonous problem that bubbled to the surface at disused shafts, has been found.

‘I was alone underground, I’m still alone’

Slice of life: The story of a miner on level 16 when he heard the blast.

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