Neil Sonnekus

You can’t go home again

<b>Movie of the week:</b> Karel Schoeman's novel <i>Na die Geliefde Land,</i> has been made into a movie, <i>Promised Land</i>, writes Neil Sonnekus.

Superficially accomplished

Neil Sonnekus joins a voyeuristic audience to view <i>Two to Tango</i>.

The child is not dead

It took a stroke of political genius by Nelson Mandela to tell the world in general and Afrikaners in particular that Ingrid Jonker ''was both a poet and a South African. She was both an Afrikaner and an African. She was both an artist and a human being.''

It’s easy to damn

It would be easy to dismiss the late John Berry's cinematic adaptation of Athol Fugard's play <b>Boesman and Lena</b>; those American accents and their perfect white teeth; the fact that Danny Glover in no way resembles anything approaching a San-Bushman or a "Hotnot"; the geographical problem of talking Eastern Cape when we're clearly in the Western Cape; but that would be missing quite a few points.

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