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Nellie Bowles works from San Francisco, CA. Reporter for the New York Times covering tech and culture [email protected] Nellie Bowles has over 40224 followers on Twitter.

Swaziland’s Ngwenya mine extracts its ore and exacts its price

Since October 2011 Salgaocar has been mining the Malolotja Nature Reserve and shipping cheap, low-grade iron ore across the world.

Healers fill Swaziland medical gap

Professionals trained in traditional methods are rescuing patients abandoned by budget cuts, writes Nellie Bowles.

Aids orphans take charge

Orphaned by HIV/Aids-related illnesses at the ages of six and seven, Tandeka and Njabulo have looked after each other for 10 years.

The right royal revolt of Swaziland’s artists

Against all odds, Swaziland is producing ambitious, political and decidedly modern art from a fresh crop of young artists and savvy curators.

Galleries fuelling Swazi’s creative fire

New galleries are shaping Swaziland's art boom, and each has a very different explanation for the sudden rise of art in the Kingdom.

Mesuli Mamba: Prison warden collage artist

Mesuli Mamba (29) is a prison warden and collage artist -- roles he says complement each other well.

Khulekhani Msweli: Modern luxury designer

A young designer is redefining what it means to be authentically Swazi.

Ray Berman: Pine Valley’s painter

The painter, Ray Berman, a South African struggle exile in Swaziland, has become one of the country's best-know artists.

Press Releases

World Aids Day

Huge strides have been made, but the fight against HIV is far from over, and Covid-19 has disrupted testing and treatments

How to get the most money for your old iPhone towards a new one

Cash in your old iPhone to upgrade to a new one or get a reduced rate on your monthly contract from your service provider

Gender-Based Violence

In South Africa, women live in fear. It’s difficult to speak out against the patriarchal system, but many have done so, and continue to do so

POWER Business #OnTheMoney talks to Risenga Maluleke, South African Statistician-General

If Stats SA is to really have timely data that’s accurate and remains relevant then we need to make sure that the institution is strengthened

Dr Sumy Thomas: Deciphering the human puzzle, from the inside out

The Discovery Foundation MGH Fellowship Award recipient for 2020 will focus on internal medicine, particularly the endocrine system of patients affected by HIV

Touching lives through innovation

Africa has a high youth population that adapts to technology quickly, and this phenomenon is something which should be taken advantage of

Festive Reading

In The Whistleblowers, Mandy Wiener talks to a wide range of the people who have revealed corruption and malfeasance in government and business

Centre for Women & Gender Studies

The CWGS aims to resuscitate the histories of African women from all walks of life in an intellectual cleansing/ukuhlambulula of her story