Neville Gabriel

Enabling the public sphere

Changes of tectonic proportions are happening in the social and development spheres across Africa.

Prison break from poverty

A night in prison is what guests at the 2012 Drivers of Change and Investing in the Future awards were invited to

By Africa for Africa

Africa is changing. There are signs of new energies, interests, actors and wealth, writes Neville Gabriel.

Taking charge of the future

The calibre of the finalists in all four Drivers of Change Award categories demonstrates an essential characteristic of innovation.

Best for the poor

Number and quality of nominations prove the worth of Drivers of Change awards.

The change we need

Reflections on the 2010 Drivers of Change awards.

Building the future on innovation

We believe a change in the way we do things could bring a revolution to the world we live in and that is what the Southern Africa Trust works for.

Leadership for development

The Drivers of Change award celebrates the early signs that things are beginning to change.

Recognising drivers of change

This is all about remarkable examples of innovation to inspire others, writes Neville Gabriel.

Taking responsibility for reparations

Human rights only really exist when there is legal protection of those rights, and legal protection is only effective when some form of redress for human-rights violations is imposed. The government should stand by apartheid's victims.

A no-action plan for Africa

G8 summits increasingly resemble hot-air ballooning. Apart from escaping to the furthest retreats to avoid the masses, the exclusive basket of rich-country leaders now customarily issues grand declarations that give the impression of being significant but are really vacuous.

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