Nicolo Gnecchi

Kenya rally halted after day of battles

The Attorney General on Thursday called for an independent probe into Kenya's election after a day of battles in Nairobi between police and demonstrators disputing the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki. The opposition called off a rally in a central park, saying it wanted to save lives, after a day of fighting during which police fired live rounds in the air.

Kenyan police battle Odinga supporters

Kenyan police fired tear gas and water cannon on Thursday at thousands of anti-government protesters chanting ''Peace'' and singing the national anthem as they tried to march to a banned rally. Nairobi became a battleground as shots rang around, crowds ran to-and-fro, riot police thronged the streets and plumes of smoke rose.

Suspected Somali pirates attack Italian ship

Suspected Somali pirates attacked an Italian-owned cargo ship on Monday as it headed for Kenya's Mombasa port through one of the world's most dangerous waterways. The MV Jolly T was attacked by gunmen believed to be pirates off the shore of Somalia after bringing general cargo through the Suez canal.

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