Nidal Al-Mughrabi

Israeli strike kills Hamas political leader

Israel killed a senior Hamas leader in an air attack on his home on Thursday, striking its first deadly blow against the top ranks.

Israeli planes strike government buildings in Gaza

Israeli warplanes attacked government buildings in the Gaza Strip early on New Year's Day after Israel and Hamas both spurned ceasefire calls.

Gaza quieter after days of heavy assaults

Gaza was largely quiet on Wednesday with just two air strikes reported, a stark contrast with the previous four days of heavy aerial bombardment.

Israel presses on with Gaza attacks, toll now 345

Israeli warplanes killed 10 Palestinians on Tuesday in attacks that targeted Hamas government buildings and other symbols of the Islamist group.

Israel mounts third day of Gaza raids, 327 killed

Israeli air strikes flattened Hamas government buildings in the Gaza Strip and targeted leaders of Gaza's Islamist groups on Monday.

Israel mounts third day of Gaza raids, 307 killed

Israeli warplanes pounded the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip for a third consecutive day on Monday and prepared for a possible invasion after killing 307.

Israel attacks Gaza, 225 reported killed

Israeli warplanes and helicopters pounded the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing at least 225 people.

Flare-up dims truce hopes along Israel-Gaza border

An Israeli air strike killed a Hamas gunman in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian militants fired dozens of rockets and mortars into southern Israel.

Palestinian girl, Israeli killed in Gaza border fire

An Israeli air strike killed a young Palestinian girl in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on Thursday after an Israeli died in a militant cross-border mortar attack on a kibbutz.

Tutu wraps up investigation of Gaza deaths

United Nations envoy Archbishop Desmond Tutu, concluding a fact-finding mission to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Thursday, condemned as a ''massacre'' the killing of 18 members of a Palestinian family by Israeli shelling in 2006. Tutu planned to present a report about the incident to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva at a session in September.

Hamas sets terms for ceasefire with Israel

Hamas set out its conditions on Wednesday for a ceasefire with Israel, calling for an end to all acts of Israeli ''aggression'' in the Gaza Strip and West Bank and the reopening of Gaza border crossings. Hamas is demanding a say in the future functioning of the crossings, a condition rejected by Israel.

Hamas claims ‘victory’ as Israel pulls back

Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip on Monday after a United States appeal to end days of fighting that killed more than 100 Palestinians, and rescue peace talks. The Hamas Islamists who control the coastal enclave declared ''victory'' and vowed to continue firing rockets into Israel.

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