Niren Tolsi

Born free

What do South Africa's ''born frees'' - who came into the world after the death of apartheid, or were too young to remember it - know about their country's traumatic past? Have our children been changed by 12 years of democracy?

Tomorrow people eye SA

What do South Africa’s ''born frees'' -- who came into the world after the death of apartheid, or were too young to remember it -- know about their country’s traumatic past? Do African high school pupils know or care about the suffering and sacrifices of their parents and grandparents?

Shifting forward through art

Mustafa Maluka's gigantic portraits make us confront individuals from the outside. He spoke to Niren Tolsi.

Durban hit by ‘sugars’ rush

Chatsworth, Durban, lunchtime: 16-year-old Colin Pillay staggers out of an alleged drug-dealer’s semi-detached council home, oblivious. An hour earlier, Pillay and his mother had turned up at the Chatsworth Youth Centre seeking a prescription for Subutex (buprenorphine, a schedule six drug) to combat his three-and-a-half-year "sugars" addiction.

Nkandla: Our fortunes are tied to Msholozi

That Nkandla is a depressed area where the people feel economically and politically marginalised is tangible. Nkandla town’s streets are filled with young people with nothing to do and any line of questioning regarding Jacob Zuma inevitably ends with the desperate hope that the situation in the area would improve if he were to become president.

‘This mama is speaking lies’

The protesters outside court vouching for embattled Jacob Zuma were largely female. Women with his photo emblazoned across their chests. Women honking vuvuzelas in his support. Selling T-shirts to raise funds for his defence. Burning images of the woman who dared lay a rape charge against him.


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The second coming?

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A little bit of black magic

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Victims raped by the system

Being raped is just the beginning of the ordeal for thousands of South African women, writes Angella JohnsonIT was a bitterly cold evening...

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