Palesa Lebitse

Any physical assault should lead to an arrest

Many women are reluctant to report physical assault to the police but, even when they do, they are met with a slumbering justice system

Let’s open up about infertility

Half the time problems with conceiving lie with the man, yet it’s women who get stigmatised

Femicide needs its own laws

The crimes must be investigated and prosecuted in a particular way

Beyoncé does it for mothers

Her pregnancy is demonstrated in a way that challenges social stereotypes

Oliphant in the room: How is she different to Penny Sparrow?

Palesa Lebitse explores hate speech legislation in South Africa and makes an interesting comparison

​A single woman counts the cost of having a baby

The expectant mother was in a predicament. She was the primary care-giver for her four-year-old and would soon be for her newborn.

​What amounts to rape is not widely known

The public needs to know that it can take many forms and responses to it can differ widely.

Managing expatriates

South African companies are still new to internationalisation.

Continuing the gift in the name of Mama Tambo

Women in the Wattville community believe that the death of Adelaide Tambo robbed them of a sterling ambassador for the poor.

16 Days of Activism: Paying lip service to abuse

It's nearly the start of the annual 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children. But have we made progress as a society?

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