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Patrick Bond

Looting of Africa calls for action

Top-down regulatory measures come to naught, so the battle must be fought from the bottom up

Zimbabwe suffers an elite transition while economic meltdown looms

Hoarding cash under the mattress represents one form of stored value during crisis, since placing them in bank accounts risks Reserve Bank seizure.

The poor face double-digit inflation

Look beyond the fawning and you’ll see some horrifying flaws in Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget, writes Patrick Bond.

Why South Africa should undo Mandela’s economic deals

SA's transition into democracy involved compromises that left white privilege intact and black poverty undiminished.

Only pressure on SA’s elites can ease university fee stress

Students' fight against high university fees could be taken beyond campuses, with the final battle fought at the national treasury and Reserve Bank.

Capitalist contradictions

Now is the moment to put moral pressure on big business, as job cuts, pollution and capital flight reach record levels, writes Professor Patrick Bond.

SA bonded to a stupid economy

Resistance is rising to the liberalising ideology of the South African state and corporate elites, says Patrick Bond, who is on an M&G Lit Fest panel.

Brics bank to bolster IMF, World Bank

SA's appointees undermine the bank's claims of being an alternative to Washington financiers.

Marxists plot new course for Mzansi

The friction between different schools of socialist thinking has produced more light than heat for South Africa.

Nene falls in with big business

With additional pressures on the poor, judgment day could be approaching faster.

World Bank’s flawed report kicks SA’s poor in the teeth

The institution has failed to retract a document that neoliberal politicians and commentators are using to advocate state spending cuts.

South Africa’s inconvenient truths

The World Bank's creative accounting has vastly exaggerated levels of poverty reduction.

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