Patrick Fort

Baghdad’s weapons traders making a killing

Sporting a beige jacket, starched pink shirt and polished shoes, Haider looks like any other young businessman about town, not a sly gunrunner who wheels and deals in Iraq's burgeoning arms trade. Yet with the country sucked into sectarian warfare and the classic laws of the marketplace clicking into gear, traders like Haider are making a highly illegal killing.

Anger over Egypt ferry tragedy sparks violence

A mob of Egyptians ransacked on Monday the offices of the owners of a ferry that sank in the Red Sea as anger over the fate of relatives missing after one of the worst maritime disasters in living memory boiled over into violence. Hopes of finding more survivors were fading fast four days after the 36-year-old ferry sank on Friday.

Football legend says money is the root of evil

Cameroon football legend Roger Milla claimed that African football would be a lot healthier if there was more transparency over the finances and if administrators were held to account if money was missing. The 53-year-old said it was criminal that the players suffered while the men in suits got richer.

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