Patrick Fort

Niger museum is eclectic national ‘mirror’

It has displays covering art, history, dinosaurs, nuclear energy, craftwork and music as well as live animals, for it is also a zoo

CAR intervention vital, Hollande tells French troops

After two of its soldiers were killed in the Central African Republic, France's president has told troops their intervention is necessary.

French troops deployed in CAR following deadly violence

France's president says reinforcements to a UN-mandated force would reach 1 600 troops following sectarian violence in Central African Republic.

Human skeletons found beneath Bozizé’s CAR home

Looters of deposed Central African Republic president François Bozizé's home have come across two human skeletons beneath the garage floor.

Seleka rebel convoy receives mixed reactions in CAR

Some people in the Central African Republic have applauded a cavalcade of Seleka rebels while others remain distrustful after looting by both sides.

Tall task to get CAR back in business

Since the coup, Central African Republic's new government has optimistically promised that business will resume soon. But experts are doubtful.

CAR strongman commits to handing over power in three years

Michel Djotodia has vowed to hand over power at the end of the three-year transition and not contest the Central African Republic's 2016 elections.

Looters rampage in CAR as strongman set to unveil government

Central African Republic strongman Michel Djotodia is preparing to unveil a new government after announcing he would rule by decree.

Jeers for Sarkozy at Gabon president’s funeral

Onlookers jeered French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday at the state funeral for Gabon's President Omar Bongo Ondimba.

Chadian army claims ‘decisive’ win over rebels

Chadian troops have routed rebel forces advancing from the country's east to the capital, the army chief said on Wednesday.

‘It’s dangerous to play tennis’ in Iraq

Multimillionaires Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal may be upset over ATP reforms, but their problems are nothing compared with those encountered by tennis players in Iraq. Even putting together a team for next month's Davis Cup Group IV Asia/Oceania tie in Burma is an achievement, as three of their group were murdered last August.

Saddam’s grand palaces live on

Saddam Hussein is dead, but memories of the grandiose excesses of his 24-year reign live on in his resplendent palaces still used by the United States forces that deposed him in 2003. The late dictator built eight ornate presidential palaces across Iraq that embodied absolute power.

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