Patrick Laurence

Twenty-one hanged in seventy-two hours

In 1985, 137 people were hanged and 35 reprieved; 1987 has seen an increase in the number of hangings and a decrease in reprieves to 18.

Mandela ‘release’ rumours: Decoding that diplo-speak

In January 1985 PW Botha told parliament that he would consider releasing Mandela if the ANC leader renounced violence.

Steve Biko: The man who refused to submit

On the anniversary of Biko's Death, Patrick Laurence assesses the relevance of his ideas.

Homeland leader faces torture probe

The chief minister and prospective president of KwaNdebele, George Mahlangu, may be charged with abducting and torturing youths.

As the night wears on, the Progs face a bitter truth: ‘We’ve been hammered!’

Colin Eglin's cherished vision of his PFP as an embryonic alternative government was shattered as the general election results poured in yesterday.

On the eve: A wave of war cries

Three events converged on the eve of next week's whites-only election to the benefit of the National Party.

Fears, but NPU stands firm with the rest

The debate within the press about how best to counter government moves to impose new controls on dwindling press freedom raged with renewed intensity.

Decoding the thoughts of prisoner Mandela

The State President quotes him to prove a point... People risk detention to demand his release. Patrick Laurence on the Mandela mystique.

Three questions the judge left hanging

The Kannemeyer report into the killing of 20 blacks by police gunfire at Langa on March 21 provided authoritative answers to many questions.

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