Paul Trewhela

Lewin sought no high office and never trumpeted his name

Journalist, freedom fighter and poet par excellence, Hugh Lewin died at his home in Johannesburg last week. This tribute is by friend Paul Trewhela

A century of voter struggles told beautifully through people’s promise and despair

​Martin Plaut’s book on the disenfranchisement of black voters in 1909 suggests comparison with today’s inflammatory party-list system.

Mandela: A nationalist and a Marxist

More interesting than party membership is the extent to which Marxism informed Mandela's political thinking, writes Paul Trewhela.

From Cold War to the violence of theocrats

The new era of global conflict proves that it is not sufficient for the left to leave religion to itself, says Paul Trewhela.

A treasure trove of?detail, but some loose threads

Historian and former communist activist Paul Trewhela takes issue with aspects of Bob Hepple’s autobiography.

ANC: A party under violent, criminal siege

Political killings and heavy-handed military veterans are disturbing signs of the African National Congress' future, writes Paul Trewhela.

A massive mark against the lack of accountability

Last week's local elections were the most significant political event in SA since the first democratic elections in April 1994.

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