Penelope Andrews

It’s imperative that South Africa moves fast on state capture prosecutions. Here’s why

Most South Africans believe the report into state capture must be followed up to ensure that those responsible for rampant corruption are held accountable

Zuma’s response to woman judge an ‘illustration of textbook misogyny’

The former president was admonished by a male judge during his trial for rape and responded meekly

Jail time for South African woman using racist slur sets new precedent

In a landmark court ruling, a South African woman has been sentenced to three years in jail (one suspended) for using a racist and offensive word

Why it has taken so long to prosecute state capture cases in South Africa

"The failure of the NPA to act swiftly and vigorously against those involved in state capture shows that there has been a dereliction of duty."

UCT initiates reparation and healing

The university is tackling the unfinished agenda of resolving colonialism and apartheid’s legacy.

How South Africa’s public protector has set a high bar for her successor

In many ways the office of the public protector has been the barometer of the state of South Africa’s constitutional democracy.

South Africa’s vote against internet freedom tarnishes its global image

South Africa has yet again sided with repressive regimes such as Russia, China and Saudi Arabia against progressive efforts by the United Nations.

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