Percy Mabandu

The Portfolio: Percy Mabandu

Writer and visual artist Percy Mabandu talks about the energy of his portrait of Bra Winston Mankuku Ngozi, entitled ‘The Bull’

Ramon’s music is reliable and relatable

Rooted in the Cape Town sound, Ramon Alexander celebrates it’s genealogy

Sho Madjozi’s musical lineage is larger than large

"Sho Madjozi is alive to the marginal condition of Venda and Shangaan languages in the Zulu-Xhosa-dominated Afro-pop culture in Mzansi."

Unchained spirit of Bra Willie

His sharp and progressive pen‚ he contributed in cutting open the oppressive blanket of the apartheid system to keep the liberation spirit burning.

​Thandi Klaasen: Defying tragedy to do it her way

From being a starlet in Sophiatown through to a disfiguring assault, Thandi Klaasen’s capacity for resilience meant she just kept on singing.

​Two albums and a resistance

Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ took local musicians to the world and Miles Davis trumpeted ‘Tutu’

Henri Matisse: Clawing at glory and Jazz

The current exhibition could well benefit from the master's links to a widely appreciated art form.

This land is built on sex and power

From colonialism to apartheid and the present, South Africa's fate appears to be guided by its libido.

Testing times for Aids counsellors on campus

As the year gets off to a steady start, Delta Tladi, an HIV/Aids counsellor at the Tshwane University of Technology, is preparing for a busy time.

A Zimbol of free sound

Zim Ngqawana's philosophy of Zimology lends itself to a spiritual understanding of music, writes Percy Mabandu.

Maxed out! Welcome to the age of greed and speed

The M&G meanders through the bling-bling maze from New York to Newtown and tally up the cultural and economic cost of excess.

On the sunny side

After finally managing to release their second album, Blk Sonshine tell Percy Mabandu what keeps them inspired.

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