Peter Draper
Peter Draper works from Adelaide, South Australia. Executive Director, Institute for International Trade, Adelaide University. Trade, political economy, international business. Retweets not = approval. Peter Draper has over 1111 followers on Twitter.
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/ 11 April 2008

Fragments of trade

In late February, a diplomatic flurry in the regional trading firmament erupted. South Africa’s foreign affairs minister stated in Parliament that the European Union, out of fear over the Chinese trade ”threat”, was using economic partnership agreements with the EU to lock in old colonial trading relationships.

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/ 14 July 2006

The chill winds of Doha

Time is running out for the World Trade Organisation. Can the WTO’s weary membership go once more into the breach after its most recent failure? The consequences of failing to achieve a Doha round agreement would be severe. The multilateral trading system, while imperfect and iniquitous in parts, is worth saving, warts and all.