Phil Hazlewood

Anti-Americanism ‘madness’, says Blair

British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Monday sought to dispel views that he is an unquestioning ally of the United States and condemned growing anti-Americanism as a hindrance to closer global ties. Solving the world's problems needed an "active foreign policy of engagement, not isolation" between countries, the British Labour Party leader told lawmakers.

Self-destructive Best dazzled a generation

The sublime skills of George Best, who died in a London hospital on Friday aged 59, dazzled a generation and made him one of the world's first and foremost footballing superstars. But his exceptional talents -- or genius, according to some -- brought with it the self-destruction that often accompanies those blessed with a rare gift.

British PM’s wife in hot water over Australian tour

Cherie Booth, the high-profile wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was at the centre of a new controversy on Wednesday over a lucrative speaking tour of Australia in February. It is not the first time Booth -- who uses her maiden name in her professional life as a top lawyer and on personal engagements -- has raised a few eyebrows.

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