Philippa Garson

Doing acts of journalism

Philippa Garson’s memoir details the heady days of being a Weekly Mail journalist in the 1990s

A small town’s morning of terror

Reporter Philippa Garson arrives in Ermelo on a routine assignment ... and drives into teargas and violence.

Hostel at the heart of the trouble

A disused Iscor hostel called kwaMadala is widely considered the centre of the Vaal violence.

The blanks in the bang bang

The film about the famous group of photographers is missing context behind the violence of the time.

Die Antwoord to young America’s prayers

The phenomenal success of the South African duo, if managed properly, 'could be the next big thing'.

From Parkview in SA to Parkview in NY …

When crime and violence crept into our lives, we decided to make a move, writes Philippa Garson.

Pouts, pecs and power suits

Millions of Americans aren't just redoing their hair for Palin -- they're taking off their clothes too.

Meeting the challenge

A new project has been launched to help teachers tackle issues of diversity in the classroom in a constructive way. RESPECTING and celebrating the...

Laying blame

Editorial: PHILIPPA GARSON IT'S a relief to see that education is at last being treated as the national crisis that it is. Steadily dwindling...

Headstart on the street

A home-grown version of Sesame Street, the world-renowned television series for young children, is to be broadcast later this year. TAKALANI Sesame, which incorporates...

Evaluating OBE

Minister of Education Kader Asmal launches an independent review of Curriculum 2005. ALTHOUGH Curriculum 2005 is being reviewed by an independent team of educationists,...

The monkey with the message

Engaging plays, like No Monkey Business, ask important questions and teach learners valuable life skills TEACHING children to make informed decisions and to be...

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