Philippe Siuberski

Keita re-elected Mali president by a landslide

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita picked up 67.17% of Sunday's vote against 32.83% for opposition challenger and former finance minister Soumaila Cisse

Counting under way after Mali’s violence-marred poll

Not a single ballot was cast at 716 of the polling stations in two regions following threats and attacks by armed groups

Football star George Weah wins presidential victory in Liberia.

Idolised in Liberia as 'Mister George', Weah is set to replace Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who in 2006 took over the country founded by freed US slaves.

Women rise to power in Rwanda

Women are playing a crucial role in post-genocide Rwandan politics.

Belgium’s ‘most hated man’ slates ‘liars’ at trial

Marc Dutroux launched a final tirade on Thursday at his trial in Belgium for the rape, abduction and murder of several girls, denouncing ''liars and manipulators'' and insisting he did not act alone. He was giving his closing address before the jury retires to consider its verdict next week.

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