Phillip Van Niekerk

Obit: The master story-teller who unearthed Inkathagate

David Beresford, the Guardian correspondent who died in Johannesburg last week, leaves a remarkable legacy.

One massacre too many, FW

How President FW de Klerk responds to the present political crisis will determine the fate of South Africa.

Speaking truth to power

John was born into the African cultural aristocracy. His uncle, Meekly Matshikiza, was a pioneer of South African jazz.

Without favour or apology

Mail & Guardian editor Phillip van Niekerk's submission to the Human Rights Commission.

Mandela puts the ball in FW’s court

The battle between the government and the ANC is now on the centre court but no one appears to be serving up the aces.

What FW was really telling Mandela

In his television address FW de Klerk presented himself as the reasonable man. But beneath the benign tone lay a much harsher message.

Inside the talks

Mandela: An angry man, taking a harder line than before. De Klerk: Under heavy pressure from abroad to get talks moving.

Never underestimate the Nat machine

FW de Klerk had one moment of public spontaneity in his two days of talks in Zambia and Zaire.

Angola talks: Big squeeze on SA

South Africa faces the prospect of a full-scale, extremely costly war in Angola...

Mines’ Aids crisis deepens

2 500 identified as carriers. But some experts put figure at 4 000.

The ‘secret war’ gets ever more dirty

Murders in Paris and Lesotho, cross-border raids, bombings ... diplomacy has taken a black seat.

Elections thrashing: PW slams ‘foreign’ elements

President PW Botha yesterday blamed ''foreign interference'' and ''actions by radical elements that break internal laws''

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