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Numsa’s replacement is waiting in the wings

Sources within the federation said it was a "done deal" that new union Mawusa was replacing Numsa in Cosatu.

Vavi expresses discontent with Numsa’s expulsion

Three and a half days after a vote to expel Numsa from Cosatu, a formal letter it received was not signed by Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi.

Unions threaten mass action to force Cosatu’s hand over Numsa

The unions will consult members before participating in any Cosatu meetings, and talks of forming an alternate federation have not been ruled out.

Mantashe: Numsa’s expulsion is bad for Cosatu and society

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe says it is up to the trade union federation to "smell the coffee and reverse its decision".

Numsa expelled from Cosatu

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa has been expelled from Cosatu after a grueling special central executive committee meeting.

Numsa interdict fails in lose-lose situation with Cosatu

Numsa's bid to have Cosatu's special central executive committee meeting halted was unsuccessful, and both will go head-to-head on Friday.

Numsa files interdict to prevent expulsion from Cosatu

Numsa has filed an urgent interdict at the South Gauteng High Court to stop a crucial meeting in which it is expected to be expelled from Cosatu.

Tripartite top guns speak about divisions

Having the three secretaries of the tripartite alliance under one roof has been an unfamiliar sight lately - let alone having them share a stage.

Russians muscle all others aside in nuclear bid

Russian energy company Rosatom has made it clear they should be the sole supplier of everything nuclear in South Africa.

The ANC is broke

The party is struggling to make ends meet after Parliament reduced its funding by R20-million following election losses.

Numsa’s ambitions spell game-changer for SA politics

Numsa is playing all its cards and forging ahead, at all costs, with its plans to stand firm in its political ideals.

Gloves off as Numsa takes on Cosatu, dumps ANC

Calling Numsa's imminent expulsion from Cosatu a well-co-ordinated plan by the ANC, the union has formed its own party and promises to go to court.

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