Ravi Nessman
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/ 10 July 2006

Israel vows to press ahead with offensive

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Sunday he would push ahead with the army’s widescale offensive in the Gaza Strip, saying the fight to free an abducted soldier and stop militant rocket fire would last for a ”long time”. The 12-day-old operation has caused widespread destruction in Gaza, left 51 Palestinians dead and led to international complaints that Israel was using excessive force.

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/ 6 January 2006

Ariel Sharon fights for his life

A hospital official said early on Friday that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remains in serious condition and will be in a medically induced coma the immediate future after a massive stroke, as Israelis and Palestinians grappled with the likelihood that the man who dominated politics in the region for decades would never return to power.

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/ 20 April 2004

Palestinians launch rocket attacks

Palestinians fired a barrage of homemade rockets and mortar shells at Gaza Strip settlements and towns inside Israel in retaliation for the killing of Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, Israel said on Tuesday. Over two days, 15 Qassam rockets hit Israeli targets, wounding one Israeli and damaging at least five structures, the army said.