Ravi Nessman

A continent mired in Aids catastrophe

When US President George Bush visits Africa this week, he will find a continent crippled by catastrophe. Millions upon millions are already dead, orphaned or sick from Aids.

Bono loses his voice, then finds it in Soweto

Irish rock star Bono's voice cracked on Friday as he tried to explain the emotions he felt talking to a group of mothers infected with the Aids virus.

Millions still dying from preventable diseases

Aids killed 3-million people last year. The year before, tuberculosis killed 1,7-million and malaria more than a million others.

Spectre of famine haunts Zimbabwe

The girls giggle nervously as they talk about their hunger. Their grades have plummeted. They fall asleep in class from exhaustion. Often, when they have nothing at all to eat, they don't even bother coming to school.

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