Riaan Grobler

Chang should be extradited to US on fraud charges — SA court

Chang was arrested in South Africa on December 30 on a warrant issued by authorities in the US

Working dads can now take paternity leave for 10 days

In addition to paternity benefits, the act will see UIF benefits for workers losing their jobs increase from eight to 12 months

‘We continue to support the man of God’ — Omotoso church

Omotoso and his two co-accused are currently facing 63 charges and 34 alternative charges which include rape, sexual assault and racketeering

Parliament will consider ‘introducing a new bill’ following cannabis ruling

The court gave Parliament 24 months to update legislation relating to cannabis to be in line with its ruling

Word ‘boer’ not racist or racially offensive — ConCourt

This was the unanimous judgment of the Constitutional Court on Thursday following a labour dispute

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