Richard D Wolff

OPINION| China is retooling the capitalist paradigm

The forms of capitalism adopted in the West and in economies such as China are influenced by how early or late those polities were in coming to the game

The role of capitalism in the war in Ukraine

Ukraine, per se, is not the issue. It is tragically a war-ravaged pawn in a much larger conflict: the decline of one capitalist empire and the rise of yet another.

The American political process is disconnected from economic reality

While the Democrats and Republicans use an outdated political playbook, people need protection from the capitalist system itself

US politicians paper over the social problems caused by capitalism

Mainstream American politicians — establishment figures in both major parties — apply the denial and displacement mantra to many problems, especially inflation

How racism is an essential capitalist tool

In the United States, the African American minority is capitalism’s ‘business cycle shock-absorber’

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