Richard Davies

Aid is linked to democracy, warns European Parliament

A member of the European Parliament on Thursday warned there was a direct link between the availability of development aid to African countries and a commitment towards democracy and human rights on the continent.

As mines get deeper, more miners die

Almost two-thirds of accident fatalities on South African mines last year occurred on gold mines, says the Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate.

SA fishing gets to grips with empowerment conundrum

Black economic empowerment within South Africa's commercial fishing industry, including the key hake, pelagic, rock lobster and abalone fisheries, appears to be well on track.

Global study highlights missing milliseconds

The days really do get shorter as you get older, although even the Old Testament patriarch Methuselah, who is supposed to have lived 969 years, is unlikely to have been troubled by the phenomenon.

War, fire threaten ‘water towers of the world’

War, fire, logging and agriculture are taking a heavy toll on Africa's mountain regions, says the Nairobi-based United Nations Environment Programme.

SA’s astronomy programme takes off

Southern Africa is fast developing an international reputation for excellence in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics.

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