Richard Davies

Police management take a beating in Parliament

The chairperson of Parliament's portfolio committee on police has questioned the integrity and competence of South African Police Service management.

Eskom, Sasol sound warning over water supply

One big drought in the Vaal River catchment area over the next eight years could jeopardise the region's agricultural and industrial output.

Lagging water infrastructure is holding Africa back

The African Ministers' Council says a failure to invest in water infrastructure is holding back the economies of many sub-Saharan countries.

Hundreds lash out at secrecy Bill

South African politicians joined hundreds of people who marched outside Parliament to protest against the controversial secrecy Bill.

HIV rate outpacing prevention, says Motlanthe

The rate of new HIV infections continues to outpace prevention efforts, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said on Thursday.

Unions warn of job losses in Walmart-Massmart merger

Saccawu said on Wednesday while they support foreign investment in South Africa, the Walmart-Massmart merge could cost the country a number of jobs.

Magnus Malan dies ‘peacefully’ at 81

Former apartheid-era defence minister Magnus Malan died at the age of 81 on Monday morning, his family said.

Report damns lottery board performances

The National Lottery Board and the National Development Agency, tasked with distributing funds to poverty-relief organisations, are failing.

Tutu targets Zuma, arms deal

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Wednesday passed wide-ranging criticisms of President Jacob Zuma and his administration.

US leads the way in foreign ticket purchases for World Cup

Americans appear set to be by far the most numerous group of foreign fans coming to South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

End of an era for Argentina’s Afrikaners

Once they lived here in their thousands, but now only a handful of Afrikaans-speaking Boers remain in the town of Comodoro Rivadavia in Argentina.

MPs bid farewell to Langa, welcome Ngcobo

Parliamentarians bade farewell to former chief justice Pius Langa on Wednesday, simultaneously welcoming his successor, Sandile Ngcobo.

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