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Jo’burg ‘loses’ 165-billion litres of water

South Africa's major metropolitan areas lose billions of litres of piped drinking water each year, and the reason, says water affairs director-general Mike Muller, is poor management and control by local authorities.

Traditional leaders sound warning on new rates bill

The Coalition of Traditional Leaders of South Africa says it is opposed to the notion that property in traditional communities should be taxed by municipalities in the same way as property in urban areas.

SA scientists are ‘white, male and ageing’

Following warnings by his department that South Africa faces a serious scientific skills shortage, Science and Technology Minister Dr Ben Ngubane on Friday said the country faced ''considerable challenges'' in this regard.

Improved matric pass rate welcomed

Praise for the 7,2% improvement in the 2002 matric exam results was tempered on Friday by warnings that huge inequalities still existed between South Africa's nine provinces when it came to education resources.

130 people trapped by heavy snowfalls in E-Cape

About 130 people remain trapped in their vehicles in the northern parts of the Eastern Cape by the heavy snowfalls that have blocked roads and cut off several towns in the province.

Will the bigwigs buy into WWSD?

With only 69 days to go before the start of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, concern is mounting over whether heads of state from several key industrialised nations will attend the event.

SA hiker describes deadly bee attack

A South African hiker on Thursday described how he and other members of a group hiking the remote Naukluft Trail in central Namibia were set upon by a swarm of African killer bees.

SA urges Africa to support legal ivory sales

South Africa has made a strong call to other African countries to support a bid by itself and four of its neighbours to be allowed to legally sell elephant ivory.

UN reveals the ‘hard facts’ about Africa’s future

Rapid population growth, wars and high levels of national debt, disasters and disease have all taken their toll on the people and the rich natural environment of Africa over the past thirty years.

The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind

The answer, sang folk musician Bob Dylan in the Sixties, back when the world was a less polluted place, is blowing in the wind.

Horsetrading ahead of Jo’burg World Summit

SA Cabinet ministers at the UN's final meeting before for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Bali have geared up for some hard bargaining.

Aid is linked to democracy, warns European Parliament

A member of the European Parliament on Thursday warned there was a direct link between the availability of development aid to African countries and a commitment towards democracy and human rights on the continent.

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