Richard Luscombe

Feelings mixed over US war crimes ruling

An appeals court ruling that denied alleged war criminal Yusuf Abdi Ali from Somalia immunity from prosecution in the US is only a partial success.

Trayvon Martin: Black leaders call for civil case as protests grow

Demonstrators have condemned George Zimmerman's acquittal as black community leaders call for a civil rights case in the US for Trayvon Martin.

Makeover for fab pad

As the preferred winter retreat of the Rat Pack, the Fontainebleau Hotel put Miami on the map as the capital of cool.

Cockroaches hitch ride into US with troops

While they have been fighting wars in Asia and the Middle East, it seems that United States troops have allowed a counter-invasion of their country.

Unusual catch: Cheney’s fishy trip

He told his wife he'd gone fishing. But when a photograph of Dick Cheney, the United Vice-President, appeared on the White House website, the smile on his face and the reflection in his sunglasses left some questioning his catch. The reflection appears to show the double image of a naked woman cavorting before him.

Tornadoes shatter southern US states

The death toll from a series of tornadoes that swept the southern United States was rising on Wednesday night while rescuers continued to sift the rubble of flattened buildings. At least 54 people were killed and hundreds more injured, many critically, as the deadliest twisters for more than 20 years struck before dawn.

Beatles to be beamed across the universe

The songs of The Beatles have always enjoyed a global appeal. Now one of their best-loved recordings is to be beamed into the galaxy in an attempt to introduce the Fab Four's music to alien ears. Nasa will broadcast the song, Across the Universe, through the transmitters of its deep-space communications network on Monday.

Geriatric wiseguy at the centre of Mob trial

Frail, wizened and wheelchair-bound with a heart complaint, 78-year-old Joey Lombardo hardly cuts the figure of a ruthless Mafia godfather allegedly behind more than a dozen Chicago murders in the 1970s and 1980s. But to the authorities in the Windy City, the gangster nicknamed ''the Clown'' for his wisecracks and sharp wit is perhaps their biggest catch since Al Capone almost 80 years ago.

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