Rina Chandran

A year on, India remembers Mumbai attacks

Mumbai on Thursday marked the first anniversary of militant raids that killed 166 people and increased tensions with Pakistan.

Independents, new parties shake up Indian election

Walking the crowded back streets of Mumbai, observing disputes over tap water and choked drains and asking people for their votes is a new role for Me

Sonia Gandhi keeps Congress hopes alive in India polls

A large crowd waited for hours in the scorching sun, many standing on rooftops just for a glimpse of Sonia Gandhi at an election rally.

Mumbai attack gunman tells court he is from Pakistan

The man accused of being the lone surviving gunman in last year's Mumbai attacks told an Indian court on Monday that he was from Pakistan.

India, Pakistan simmer over Mumbai attacks

India said on Sunday it had proof of a Pakistani link to the Mumbai attacks, while Islamabad said it would move troops to the border.

India commandos mop up last of Mumbai militants

Indian commandos killed the last Islamist gunmen holed up at Mumbai's Taj Mahal hotel on Saturday, ending a three-day battle across the city.

Mumbai siege nears end, Pakistan to share intelligence

Pakistan's spy chief has agreed to share intelligence with New Delhi on the brazen militant attacks in Mumbai, India said on Friday.

Commandos clear Mumbai hotel, India lectures Pakistan

Indian commandos took control of Mumbai's Trident-Oberoi Hotel on Friday, but battles raged on with militants holed up in another luxury hotel.

Mumbai gunmen battle army, some hostages freed

Indian commandos freed hostages from Mumbai's Taj Mahal hotel on Thursday but battled on with gun-toting Islamist militants.

Mumbai rocked by deadly attacks

Gunfire rang out as commandos and armed police laid siege to gunmen holding foreigners hostage in two hotels in Mumbai on Thursday.

MTN, Reliance extend exclusive talks

MTN Group and India's Reliance Communications have extended exclusive talks on a potential combination to create a top-10 global telecom group.

MTN deal could be scuppered by Ambani feud

Reliance Communications has only days to reach an agreement for a tie-up with MTN, but a face-off between the Ambani brothers could scupper a deal.

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