Robert Barr

BSkyB hikes dividend by 20%, to buy back shares

BSkyB confirmed widespread speculation by announcing a big return of cash to shareholders while reporting a 23% gain in operating profit.

Andrew Lloyd Webber takes on Eurovision challenge

A man of many triumphs in British theatre is wading into an arena of repeated British failure.

‘We were on our way, we hoped, to freedom’

A funeral service was held in London for Bertram ''Jimmy'' James, one of the few British prisoners to avoid being executed for joining in the ''great escape'' from a German prison in World War II. James, who was 92, died on January 18 in Ludlow in northern England.

Prince recalls Diana, ‘best mother in the world’

Princess Diana's family solemnly marked the 10th anniversary of her death on Friday, with her younger son eulogising her as ''the best mother in the world''. The bishop of London used his sermon to call for an end to the sniping between Diana's fans and detractors, and a priest who has led an annual memorial said it may now be time to let go.

UK Treasury chief calls on Opec to raise oil supply

Britain's Treasury chief, Gordon Brown, on Tuesday will call on Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) countries to boost oil production and demand coordinated international action to stabilise the world oil market. The price of unleaded petrol in some areas of Britain has nudged past £1 (R11,63) per litre.

‘He lit a torch for civil rights’

Gerry Fitt, a leader of Catholic nationalists in Northern Ireland and a fierce critic of the Irish Republican Army, died on Friday, his family said. He was 79. The cause of death was not announced, but he had a history of heart disease and had been in declining health for months.

Europe crippled by prolonged heatwave

Europeans sweating through an abnormally hot August faced little immediate prospect of relief on Monday after a weekend of record-setting temperatures, many deaths and runaway fires.

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