Robert Shivambu

Covid-19 vaccine will not be a magic bullet for the ailing healthcare system

The pandemic is happening in the context of a healthcare system we have allowed to decay

After disastrous Zuma years, Ramaphosa must provide foreign policy clarity

For a country that is guided by ubuntu, South Africa has a record of embarrassing international blunders

Immediate priorities for Ramaphosa and the sixth Parliament

South Africa faces a host of problems that the new administration must attend to with urgency

Design a railway system to prevent carnage on the N1

The state should use funds to build an alternative transport system that is safe and reliable

‘They’ve taken our sand and left nothing’

Sand mining by a Chinese company destroyed a lagoon and wetland and flooded out a village

‘They have taken our beautiful sand from us and left nothing’

Mozambican villagers demand compensation for the destruction of their village caused by the activities of a Chinese mining company

SA’s new foreign policy agenda must embrace human rights

The team charged with reviewing South Africa’s foreign policy must keep in mind the principles of dignity and human rights

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