Roger Southall

Zim’s house of cards is teetering

Zanu-PF’s Alice in Wonderland financial system is evoking déjà vu. We know how it ends, don’t we?

Zimbabwe’s financial system is living on borrowed time —and borrowed money

Years of political instability and economic mismanagement under the rule of ZANU-PF have left Zimbabwe’s financial system in chaos

Britain’s Labour Party and the ANC: why the stark contrast of fortunes?

Britain's Labour Party is anticipating the making of a new social revolution but the ANC is in disarray with no moral compass or credible leadership

Lessons from Parliament: Conscience and the courage to rebel

Should MPs have the right to vote according to their conscience?

Zuma no confidence vote: The ANC is the loser, whatever happens

Even if President Zuma wins the no confidence vote, the consequences for the ruling ANC are dire.

How ANC presidential elections trump South Africa’s constitution

The internal processes of South Africa's ruling ANC for electing the president is distorted by money, patronage, factionalism and vote-rigging.

White monopoly capital: Good politics, bad sociology, worse economics

The debate about white monopoly capital in post-apartheid South Africa is good for the country's politics but it tends to come with bad sociology

Zuma’s critics within the ANC are vocal. But will they act?

Are those ANC members critical of Zuma willing to stand up and be counted? Will Pravin Gordhan provide one further great service to the nation?

The political theology of Jacob Zuma

The ANC president reiterated a statement he has made several times before – that the party will rule until Jesus comes.

Eight years too late: Mbeki’s ANC set a precedent of undermining the Constitution

The former president has made a remarkable intervention that condemns Parliament's failure to act against Zuma. But he is eight years too late.

Why we should resist an amnesty deal for Zuma

The idea of giving South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma amnesty in exchange for early exit is tempting but it will set a bad precedent.

How the ANC’s path to corruption was set in the 1994 transition from apartheid

​There are suggestions that the ANC lost the plot after the ascension of Jacob Zuma as the party’s president in 2007.

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