Roger Southall

Motlanthe predicts the end of the ANC – history is on his side

South African politics is in a state of flux which must necessarily result in a realignment of political forces

Repression in Zimbabwe exposes South Africa’s weakness

The pattern is now well established: crisis, intervention, promises by the Zanu-PF regime to behave, and then relapse after a decent interval to the sort of behaviour that prompted the latest crisis in the first place.

Events in Lesotho point to poor prospects for political stability

Since the demand for resources far outmatches the patronage available, Lesotho’s political arena has become brutally competitive

Party’s woes signify historical dilemma of South Africa’s liberals

The Democratic Alliance’s problems can be traced back to the politicisation of race, which has persisted even after the dawn of democracy in 1994

Electoral systems need urgent reform. South Africa is no exception

The current crisis in British politics is significant for countries like South Africa where a change in electoral systems is needed

Can the centre hold, or will South Africa get its own Bolsonaro?

Polls indicate that voters are unlikely to abandon the African National Congress

The law can change racist minds

Unexpressed racism may be even more dangerous if it's left lurking below the surface

Ramaphosa has started the clean up job. But can he turn the state around?

Cyril Ramaphosa has done well so far but more challenges relating to reigniting the economy lie ahead.

I’m alright, Jack — I’ve got a borehole

'​The approach of Day Zero has put Capetonians into panic mode and suburbia is getting distinctly nervous'

Zuma’s reluctance to leave office is offering sound lessons in democracy

President Jacob Zuma's resistance to vacate the top job may be a blessing in disguise as it will stress test the country's political systems.

Ramaphosa should end the presidential merry-go-round

Ramaphosa should do more than simply ensure that he replaces Zuma immediately.

South Africa needs electoral reform, but president’s powers need watching

Changing the system to allow for direct election would require SA to look carefully at how a directly elected president should be held accountable.

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